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Alberto Rossi Todde

Doc. Alberto Rossi Todde qualified in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Doc. Alberto Rossi Todde, surgeon is qualificated in reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. In 1988, Doc. Alberto Rossi Todde was admitted to the School of Specialization in General Surgery at the University of Pavia as 1st placed in the competition for admission in the same school. There he remained until graduation Specialty in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Doc. Alberto Rossi Todde meet Prof. Carlo Morone, Director of the Postgraduate School and Prof. Eugenio Forni, Director of General Surgery, when he attended as a physician specializing internal, the Institute of Clinical Surgery general and Surgical Treatment of the University of Pavia – IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, collaborating to the assistance and scientific research.

Numerous publications on plastic and reconstructive surgery make him one of the leading experts today.

Doc. Alberto Rossi Todde has been a consultant 2004 for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Since 2007 he is also professor at the Master’s Degree in Aestethic Surgery and morphodynamics of the University of Milan directed by Prof. Klinger.


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